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Tuesday Chatbot


A general use bot which has potential to help life in all aspects.

Discord Platform Utilities +1

697 0 0

Cynthia Chatbot


The Worst Free Discord Music Bot

Discord Platform Entertainment

447 0 0

InviteManager Chatbot


Track who invited who on your server.

Discord Platform Analytics +1

1.0K 0 0

Fortnite Ranked Chatbot

Fortnite Ranked

Stats for Fortnite ranked games

Discord Platform Analytics +1

1.1K 1 1

Tune Chatbot


Music for your discord server, Crystal clear music that is!

Discord Platform Entertainment

1.0K 0 1

Caleb Chatbot


A moderation bot with games and math generators :3

Discord Platform Utilities

1.1K 0 0

MagiBot Chatbot


A community focused bot for gaming and other voice-channel based servers.

Discord Platform Social & Fun +2

3.8K 0 0

Lock Bot Chatbot

Lock Bot

Server utility, anti raid and moderation

Discord Platform Utilities

1.5K 0 1

Easter Bunny Chatbot

Easter Bunny

Talk to the Easter Bunny

Discord Platform Social & Fun

1.5K 0 1

HaiBot Chatbot


A Discord bot for all.

Discord Platform Social & Fun +1

2.7K 1 2

Qubit Chatbot


An advanced yet simple Discord bot providing full control over your server

Discord Platform Social & Fun

1.8K 0 0

Void Chatbot


A multipurpose Discord bot centralized on simple moderation, fun commands, and statistics for things like Fortnite and Twitch Channels!

Discord Platform Utilities

1.1K 0 1