Foster a culture of peer recognition and celebration.

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Engazify bot makes it easy to appreciate hard work without ever leaving Slack. You can appreciate your peers with your favorite emoji or your core values while keeping a score of everything through a fun leaderboard.

It is your go to Employee Engagement & Recognition bot on Slack.

This is how it works:

You define a set of core values & assign an emoji to each value.

For example, you define the core value 'Above & Beyond' and assign an emoji :rocket: to it. Your team can now appreciate each other by simply tagging someone and using either the value or the emoji in their message.

The bot will automatically capture each & every kudos happening in your team and notify everyone.

Managers can track which team member is performing well on which particular core value, while keeping the whole process fun.

The inbuilt analytics and reporting gives managers a lot of actionable insights into their team's performance data. That way, you always know who is the star performer, and who is lacking behind and needs a quick boost.

All this, right inside Slack.

Benefits of Engazify in your Slack team:

Employees are motivated
Builds awesome team culture
Increases team productivity

1 Reviews of Engazify

Anvita Anvita Aug 25, 2016

Great slack bot for team productivity and office fun. Amazing way to keep track of all the recognition happening.