Learn to grow cannabis through simple conversations.

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The WeGrow mobile platform personalizes cannabis home grow education and provides an entire growing community and knowledge base right in your pocket. WeGrow simplifies the learning process, eliminating the need for exhaustive online searches and sifting through hundreds of conflicting opinions. 

The app and its companion educational modules guide the novice grower through the germination, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting stages of growing cannabis. WeGrow personalizes the growing experience through simple conversations with Elle, it’s Growbotâ„¢ and conversational agent. 

Through simple conversations, Elle guides you through the growing experience. Elle gives you personalized grow tips, advice and delivers step-by-step how-to’s right when you need them, making growing cannabis at home easy, accessible, and fun. 

Why WeGrow? 
  • Home Grow Instruction: User's receive coordinated educational modules to optimize their marijuana plant’s growth as they progress from seed to harvest. 
  • Learn through Conversations: It’s simple. Chat with Elle to go over critical information and get tips for a successful grow. 
  • Recommended Grow Systems and Products: Elle makes personalized recommendations on the best growing equipment and nutrients to make a grower's gardening life enjoyable and efficient.

1 Reviews of Elle

Rodolfo Ramirez Rodolfo Ramirez Jun 21, 2017

An app for the "modern gardener". It honestly is a great app with a wealth of knowledge for beginner and intermediate growers. I love the UX, the timely educational content, the ease of input all grow data, and, most importantly, Elle - she is quite sassy/funny as well as a great teacher.