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With the eharmony skill on Alexa, we've added a new way to keep up with the latest activity on your eharmony account. You can ask about your new matches, listen to unread messages, hear who has viewed your profile today or get a summary of all the activity.

To get started, first link your eharmony account with Alexa and then say "Alexa, open eharmony". From there you can navigate to the section you’d like to hear about.

To jump directly to a section, try these phrases:
To check out your matches, say "Alexa, ask eharmony about my matches."
To read your unread messages, say "Alexa, ask eharmony to read my messages.
To hear who viewed your profile, say "Alexa, ask eharmony who viewed my profile."
To get a summary of your account activity, say "Alexa, ask eharmony for my summary."

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