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Meet eBay ShopBot, your smart personal shopping assistant. ShopBot learns what you like as you chat, bringing you great deals and results tailored to you, like clothes only in your size.

ShopBot features three different ways to shop: chat, image recognition search, or browsable collections featuring curated picks.

Save time and money with the most powerful shopping bot on Messenger.

1 Reviews of eBay ShopBot

Antonin Archer Antonin Archer Nov 6, 2016

Good: Onboarding first. Consistent imagery for the onboarding, cohesive experience. Share Shopbot is neatly done. Customer service in-bot is neat-even you even got a phone number. All information has been made native. You can ask for inspiration OR something specific so the bot CAN help you. Design: the imagery is very very good. --------- Bad: You need the app to access your favorites. Product browsing: too many products, the “Website effect is back”. We’re browsing through hundreds of things. No personalization of the experience. Feels like the bot doesnt want to know me. ------- Recommendation: Ask questions to the user and guide him towards a small list of products. Get to know the user. No need to browse all products, i’d go on the website for this.