Durian the Bot

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Durian the Bot collects the funniest lulz from all over the web! It uses recommender system and neural network to send lulz based on user's taste. The Bot provides only the latest trending lulz, no last season memes.

Use Fine/Crap buttons to get more personalized lulz from Durian the Bot.

Besides standard images Durian the Bot supports GIF. Gallery option will be introduced in the future.

13 Reviews of Durian the Bot

Natali Natali Mar 1, 2017

I like it! cool app

Michael Watts Michael Watts Feb 28, 2017

funny and pretty good as time killer! highly recommend!

Ekaterina Ekaterina Feb 21, 2017

The bot is fun, but for a few days, not more

Anna Anna Jan 17, 2017

makes me smile and laugh every day!


LoL. That's awesome app!

Katya Trofimova Katya Trofimova Jan 17, 2017

best finding on the botlist!!

Katya Kowalski Katya Kowalski Dec 20, 2016

ahahahahah!!! best lulz ever! love it!

Aleksey Likhodzievskiy Aleksey Likhodzievskiy Dec 20, 2016

great lulz & memes everytime

Seva Zhidkov Seva Zhidkov Dec 20, 2016

Trump memes is so funny

Isaac Isaac Dec 20, 2016

Ahhhhhh!!! don't show it to your mom!