Dungeons & Monsters

Old school RPG bot

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Create your Sorcerer and enter the Dungeon of Wargrumfah. This game has everything you love about old school RPG : 3 kinds of magic, 12 spells, artifacts, protections, swords, potions, monsters, traps, treasure chests, etc. 

Try not to die or ending short of magic points. Gain XP fighting monsters and level up to access more spells and sword blows. Many variables are taken account for random encounters, life points, magic points, protections, artifacts bonuses, your level vs the level of the monster, initiative, weaknesses, and strength of the opponent, dice rolls, etc. And everything in glorious pixel art! Enjoy!

4 Reviews of Dungeons & Monsters

Nick Falzon Nick Falzon Jan 10, 2018

When will you add more to the game. It's really fun!

Julien JEANROY Julien JEANROY Nov 27, 2017

Brilliant! Best bot ever! But I'm biased because I'm the creator of this bot :-)

Nomad Nomad Nov 27, 2017

back to childhood (Dungeon and Dragons!)