Dropshipping Assistant

Learn ecommerce without a "guru"

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Dropshipping Assistant is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that helps provide people interested in ecommerce a free, interactive and helpful resource for learning and growth. The Dropshipping Assistant chatbot: ✅ Lets you follow product categories to send you updates on new trending products ✅ Has a curated library of case studies & guides on some of the most important ecommerce topics ✅ Has a curated library of tools that will help with everything from optimizing your site to customer support ✅ Sends you guides, tools & product suggestions based on your interactions with the bot

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Jordan O'Hara Jordan O'Hara PRO Oct 6, 2018

Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter if you have any questions (or you can chat with me directly in the chatbot)!