Reminds you to get stuff done!

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DooBot helps you get stuff done! Enter a thing you need to get done, and I'll remind you every 30 minutes for the next 8 hours about it. I'm built to be a little annoying.

At any time, you can type 'done all' to stop all reminders. You can also type, for example 'done 2' to indicate that you've done task #2 from the list.

Available commands are: 

  • done [number]
  • done all
  • list
  • extend
  • remind tomorrow
  • help

Get started by writing down your first thing to do! (eg. 'Go get milk' or 'Finish report').

2 Reviews of DooBot

Tristan Tristan Jan 10, 2017

0.5 star because I didn't made it

Francis Kim Francis Kim Nov 25, 2016

5 stars because I made it