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A dream to ensure that nobody in India suffers due to the shortage of blood in times of need.

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A dream to ensure that nobody in India suffers due to the shortage of blood in times of need. That we ensure a safe and user-friendly platform to connect blood donors and them who are in need. How does it work? 
How to Register? 
1. Register yourself with your Blood group, Location, Email & Phone no. ( Neither of details will be shared publicly unless you accept the request to donate the blood ) How to Find Blood donor - 1. If you want to find blood donor, Just type I need blood donor or you can choose the button from the menu, then just go through the process. After requesting DonorFinder bot will tell you if there is a registered donor or not. 
If there is any available donor, DonorFinder Bot will send them a message about the venue & time with an option to accept the request for donating the blood. If the person presses the button then only the bot will share the Name & Contact information with each other. Prior to donating the blood, they can confirm all things are checked by the doctor. In this way, we can minimize way of matching the right Blood Donor & help someone who is in Need. At Donor Find Kar, we encourage people not only to donate blood but also help donors reach out to receivers in a hassle-free manner. We want to make our system open to everyone and connect to the database of blood banks. We, the team behind Donor Find Kar require the support of our users to fulfill our mission and ensure blood donation to everyone in need. We have very limited number of registered donors on our list. We need your participation to grow. So join hands with us and help us create a better society. Be a Donor.Be a Hero. Let’s create a better tomorrow.

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