Discord Strangers

Anonymous chat with discord users

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Discord Strangers is a bot for Discord that allows users to connect with each other anonymously. Server channels can also be turned into chat groups.


* Anonymous chat
* Group conversations
* Auto connect
* AFK detection
* Set likes/interests
* Supports message edits/deletion
* Typing detection
* Forwards links/embeds
* Command shortcuts
* VIP perks

Visit site for more info: https://nvu.io/bots/discord-strangers/

8 Reviews of Discord Strangers

OfficialFrostbyte3YT OfficialFrostbyte3YT Mar 1, 2019

Good bot, and who said the internet can’t bring people together!

Mattia Genova Mattia Genova May 13, 2018

Good bot on Discord

Frankie Frankie Mar 13, 2018

Perfect bot for my international discord followers!

P.Hazu P.Hazu Feb 28, 2018

This really great I could talk to strangers to spend my time ;v; well yea especially when you dont actually have a friend to talk to about your problems. Other bots didn't do this this bot is awesome ^u^

Paul Paul Feb 27, 2018

This bot is awesome and different than most bots you will see on servers! No one to talk to? talk to a stranger! I've seen a couple other bots that have similar ideas, but nothing implemented that was as easy and well designed as this. I have the creator's other bot (translator that is designed and works equally as well), and after talking to him and seeing his upcoming changes/ideas....this can be huge and will only get better with more and more people so push that GET button.....i'm lonely and bored writing reviews......please talk to me.

CasperDePanda CasperDePanda Feb 7, 2018

so cool bot invite this great bot! <3

Methodical Methodical Jan 23, 2018

Gives me somebody to talk to without exposing my real identity, can lead to real intimate conversations without worrying about people thinking differently about you. Highly recommend!