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Fun boiled to the basics!

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Discord Dungeons features a one of a kind experience for your Discord Server! With lots of updates and content and a dynamic enemy system, you'll never run out of things to do! Invite Discord Dungeons Today!

11 Reviews of Discord Dungeons

deimantas gavrilov deimantas gavrilov Aug 25, 2018

It's Bad , I Didn't Know How To Start My Adventure And It Does Not Tell Me What Exactly To Attribute , I Tried My Health , My Weapon , My Level Didn't Do Nothing , Unhelpful , Could Describe More On What To Attribute >:(

! ! Dec 13, 2017

DiscordRPG bot is a fun bot, its fun to play in your spare time and when you're bored. The official server (Discord Dungeons) is a fun community, where they have support, active people, and a changelog to keep you updated on the bot. So far this is the best bot I have ever use.

Felix Argyle Felix Argyle Dec 13, 2017

Discord Dungeons is a warm welcoming community to all as from what I've experienced, the DiscordRPG bot is well made that gives me enjoyment whilst I play it and I'm sure others enjoy it too. The bot commands are easy to follow and the bot has frequent updates that are well done by the developers. On another note the community seems very helpful with many giving help towards other players.

RJain RJain Dec 13, 2017

Discord Dungeons is a great community with DiscordRPG being a great bot. You can have fun playing with the many commands or relax with the community. The bot should be added to every server because it spices up the server within minutes. I recommend the bot to everyone who wants their server to become or continue to be awesome and everyone should the server for a helpful and fun community.

Xodian Xodian Dec 13, 2017

is gud bot *thumbs up*

TheConceptionist TheConceptionist Dec 13, 2017

can confirm good bot

lucila lucila Nov 16, 2017

it's fun but the commands are unclear and it works but it takes forever to figure out. can we get a contact from the dev so we can work on making it more user friendly?

lucila lucila Nov 11, 2017

Having a hard time figuring it out and the commands list isn't very helpful. Assigning points to an attribute doesn't work and the features aren't clearly explained.

Josephzing2 Josephzing2 Sep 18, 2017

Anyone know how to play

eeXt eeXt Sep 10, 2017

Very fun bot ;)

hakerrr hakerrr May 17, 2017

The best discord bot