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Cryptohawk was created in order to educate and aggregate news for people about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Ether, ICOs and everything in between. Blockchain looks to be like the future tech of choice for the Internet so if you are wondering what all the craze is about, you should check out CryptoHawk!

2 Reviews of CryptoHawk

Joe Stone Joe Stone Mar 5, 2019

I don't think the bot works anymore. After adding it to Messenger, there were no instructions and nothing happened. And the sign-in page on crypto hawks website is also broken. Looks like the bot is dead.

Daniel Ehevich Daniel Ehevich Aug 8, 2017

Guys, we have made many updates to Cryptohawk over the past weekend. Now you can check current coin prices in real time and have any type of crypto coin converted to other coin or fiat currency calculator! More exciting features are coming!