A cryptocurrency bot that can chart, fetch news, and more!

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Cosmo is the most powerful cryptocurrency discord bots available. It has many functionalities and is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes. Use Cosmo to increase your community's engagement and gather important market data. 

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Current Features:

-In chat chart generation with the ability to provide an exchange, symbol, candlestick style, timeframe, and indicators. Charts are embedded directly in your discord chat.

-Price fetching for any coin pairing on any exchange, as well as the 24h percent change.

-Order book depth visualization, shows where there are strong support/resistance levels and how much BTC worth is on those levels. Works for any exchange and pairing.

-Voluume checking for the trade volume the past 24 hours for a given pairing and exchange.

-News fetching for all the upcoming events for a given coin, includes a link to the source of the event and a rating on whether it is trending and reliable.

-Heatmaps of the 24h price change of coins, as well as the domination of coins on the market including BTC vs. Alts. 

-Heatmaps of the volatility of coins including the volatility index and direction that the coin is moving in.

More to be added, if you want a feature right away please message me on discord: Miles#0617

2 Reviews of Cosmo

Brett Krueger Brett Krueger Aug 12, 2019

I love this bot. Using the charting, volume and price functions to get a good grasp of a coin's recent market performance has really helped improve my trading and investment strategies

Astronaut Astronaut PRO Aug 7, 2019

A fantastic bot for a crypto server. My users love to use the charting function!