Fun Moderation AutoResponser

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Languajes: ES/EN 
EN: Fun Commands, moderation commands, auto response and more! 
ES: Comandos divertidos, comandos de moderación, respuesta automática y más!

4 Reviews of CookieBot

🎄 SarguCopperpot 🌠 🎄 SarguCopperpot 🌠 Jan 9, 2018

This is a bot that is in continuous development, and that has much potential your server if you prefer a bot different from the typical ones. In addition, it is bilingual, so you can also use it if you have a Spanish-speaking server. In addition, this bot unleashes the love for cookies.

Tomigames Minecraft Tomigames Minecraft Jan 9, 2018

Best bot ever you should totally add it to discord it helps you moderate and have fun at the same time even thou it has down times it is one of the first bots that supports Spanish not only English.

Seyron Bueno Seyron Bueno Jan 9, 2018

I love it is awesome