AI powered business conversations, starting with Sales

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Conversica's flagship service is an automated sales assistant - an Artificial Intelligence-based software bot that engages potential customers in natural, two-way human conversations, and continues to engage and nurture them until they either express interest or specifically opt-out – which could be in one day, a few months or even a year. 

The automated assistant bot tirelessly reaches out to every single Sales and Marketing lead, as many times and over as long a time span as is required. It is always persistent, always polite, never has a bad day or gets sick, and – best of all – hands over customers at the very time they are ready to engage so your salespeople can focus on selling and closing deals instead of chasing down leads.

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Alex Terry Alex Terry Dec 21, 2016

The AI Sales Assistant solves real problems faced by Marketing and Sales departments in a practical, helpful and cost-effective way. It engages with Marketing and Sales leads, has conversations back and forth using email or SMS to qualify those leads and when appropriate, hand them off to the human sales person to close the deal. It then follows up to insure the lead had a good experience with the sales person (and provide feedback to the sales person and sales manager). We use it in our own company and see improved conversion through our sales funnel, leading to more sales appointments set from a group of leads. We also see faster and more personalized responses to the leads, and our sales team ends up spending more of their time talking with leads who are genuinely interested in buying instead of spending their time tracking down leads who aren't that interested.