ColorMeHappy Bot

I help women find their perfect shade of lipstick!

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Happy is ColorMeHappy Cosmetic's lippie bot. She helps you find the perfect lipstick shade through our artificial intelligence algorithms and color science matching! She can recommends lipsticks for you based on your style, your mood and a number of other dimensions!

A very happy bot trained in NLP, she loves chatting with emojis and stickers and responding in gifs. But be warned, she will scold you if you are rude to her.

If you're nice, she might share a promo code or two with you..

She also screens for influencers who want to represent the brand.

ColorMeHappy Cosmetics is a fast growing lipstick startup which brings the best of Korean light diffusion technology in lipsticks and lip perfectors to women in Singapore. Winner of the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame, ColorMeHappy is the Korean lippie makeup artists love! ColorMeHappy was founded with the mission to make women happy with lipstick!

1 Reviews of ColorMeHappy Bot

Steph Lee Steph Lee Dec 20, 2017

I like this bot! Smart bot. Nice to chat to, can recommend lipstick shades, tell jokes and inspires women with sassy quotes!