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Color Monkey can help you find and share colors. It works automatically in all chats and groups, no need to add it. Type @color_monkey_bot + color code (without hitting 'send'). This will open a panel with search result. Tap on a result to send. 

Monkey knows HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSV/HSB codes and CSS color names. 

@color_monkey_bot ABCDEF 
@color_monkey_bot FFF 
@color_monkey_bot 222 111 161 
@color_monkey_bot rgb 222 111 161 
@color_monkey_bot hsv 276 29 60 
@color_monkey_bot cmyk 11 22 33 44 

Spaces, commas, brackets and some other symbols can be added to the query if desired: 
@color_monkey_bot rgb(222, 111, 161) 
@color_monkey_bot hsv 276°, 29%, 60% 
@color_monkey_bot cmyk 11%, 22%, 33%, 44% 

Also Monkey understands commands (click command if you need help): 
/hex - XXXXXX 
/rgb - RRR GGG BBB 
/hsv - HHH SSS VVV 
/hsb - HHH SSS BBB 
/random - Random color

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