Your friend in Crypto! Coinbot tells you the price of any crypto currency.

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How much is Bitcoin?? Coinbot gives you realtime prices right in your Slack and Telegram group chats and now Facebook Messenger! Just say 'price bitcoin' and you will see the price of Bitcoin across numerous exchanges! You can get the price of thousands of crypto and fiat currencies instantly!

Once you add Coibot to slack, invite him to a channel or direct message him.

3 Reviews of Coinbot

Grover Light Grover Light Sep 1, 2017

DAU since it was introduced to me -- such a useful product! Very excited to see where this goes!

Justin Justin Sep 1, 2017

Awesome, straightforward and informative! We use this in our org for quick reference of ever changing crypto currencies.

James Calhoun James Calhoun PRO Sep 1, 2017

Me and my crypto slack channel use this bot all the time when discussing trading strategies. It is so easy to use and flows in our conversations!