Fetch real-time stock quotes and insights from your Slack

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Fetch real-time stock quotes and community insights from Slack. Used by 26,000 people across 350 stock trading rooms and public and private companies. 

Simply use "/quote" to request information about any U.S. stock or ETF in a public channel, private group or direct message. For example: "/quote AAPL" Optionally add the ability to get snap quotes posted to your channel by mentioning stocks in conversation with the cashtag (a dollar sign prefix before a symbol). For example: "$AAPL" The bot can ultimately be used as a collaboration tool across hundreds of private stock trading rooms to share real trades and analysis with members of other groups.

1 Reviews of ClosingBell

Scott Weiner Scott Weiner Dec 7, 2016

It's like Yahoo! Finance was built inside Slack.