Cinépolis Bot

Live the most complete user experience with our movie bot.

Meet the bot of Cinépolis, your virtual friend who will help you find the latest movies, as well as schedules, formats and places where they are exhibited. Ask about promotions, synopses, watch trailers and buy tickets for your favorite movies, you just have to choose your places and pay with your credit card. Also invite friends to the cinema by sharing your selected schedules and seats,share free tickets, see the reviews your friends have given to the movies and participate in the events to win prizes.

Reviews of Cinépolis Bot

  • Carlos Patino | Jun 9, 2017

    This bot is actually from Cinépolis México and is in Spanish, It helped me look for the movies at the closest cinema, I wanted to watch Wonder Woman at my favorite Cinepolis, it understood me and only made me choose the hour. I'll definitely use it again to find more funcionalities.

  • Pablo | Jun 12, 2017

    Worked really well for me! I had the same experience as Carlos though, the bot is Mexico/Spanish based

  • Ilse | Jun 16, 2017

    Finalmente un bot que realmente funciona en español :D

  • Rafael | Oct 17, 2017

    Great bot! Easy to purchase cinema tickets with it. Finally, something in Spanish that actually works!!

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