A Multipurpose Discord bot packed full of commands

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Chips is a bot created by William Zhou that has over 100 different commands. With music and fun commands such as-cat and -ship, it will provide some fun for many servers! Not only that but it has utility and moderation commands and can ban people even if they arent in the server thats banning them! Chips also has informational commands such as -news and -info! 

Not only does Chips have commands like that, but it has board games! You can play Chess against a friend or the bot itself! We also have a Connect 4 board game in which you play against others! Fully customizable, whether you want it to be 5x13 or 20x8 board is up to you! Use Chips today and find out what you like about it and if you really want a new command in it, please suggest it to the owners in the support server!

1 Reviews of Chips

Chaolao Chaolao May 7, 2018

I'm here because I want to play chess that's it and for the rest.