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Send/Receive cash GIFts based on check in location!

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Check In GIFt is the free Facebook Messenger Add-On/app that gives users the ability to send and receive cash gifts when their friends on Facebook. Gifts are sent instantly through PayPal via Facebook Messenger. Launched in 2018, the app also allows users to send GIFs along with their GIFts, bringing a smile to the recipient’s face. RRunning in the background of Facebook, the Check In GIFt Bot sends a notification via Messenger when your friends check in to a restaurant, sporting event, spa, state park, or any other spot. Each notification comes with an opportunity to send a surprise cash gift in the amount you choose, represented by an item relevant to that location. Out of town while your friends are celebrating a birthday at their favorite bar? Send them cash for a round of drinks using Check In GIFt. Want to surprise your parents with an appetizer while they’re at a fancy restaurant on their anniversary? Use Check In GIFt to ensure they get an order of shrimp cocktail or bruschetta to make the night even more memorable. Your ability to pay it forward knows no limits with Check In GIFt.For tutorials, troubleshooting, and more information, visit today!

10 Reviews of Check In GIFt

Casey Loftus Casey Loftus Feb 11, 2018

Super Fun and Easy! Took me 30-seconds to login and set my preferences. I started receiving gifts immediately with my first check in!

Mark Farrell Jr Mark Farrell Jr Jan 24, 2018

So fun to gift a round of drinks if you can’t be there or even receive drinks from friends that are miles away! Very cool bot!

Valerie Douglas Valerie Douglas Jan 24, 2018

Fantastic way to surprise friends with a Gift when they checkin to a location. Very intuitive and fun!

Tabitha Tucciarone Tabitha Tucciarone Jan 24, 2018

What a great way to surprise friends and family with a gift when you can’t be with them to celebrate! Makes gift giving easy and fun?

Shelley Krehbiel Shelley Krehbiel Jan 23, 2018

Enjoy using this app to send friends and family a little fun. So easy.

Troy Loftus Troy Loftus Jan 23, 2018

Simple, fun way to surprise your friends. Buy your buddy a beer, or treat your Mom to lunch even though you may be miles apart

Kha Ly Kha Ly Jan 23, 2018

Great idea and great way to keep business relationships going over the year.

Liz Mills Chapman Liz Mills Chapman Jan 23, 2018

I love this app! It's so fun to surprise a friend with a gift and to get them myself!

Brenda Sumner Brenda Sumner Jan 23, 2018

Great app and super easy to use. Love sending surprise GIFts to friends !

Casey Loftus Casey Loftus Jan 23, 2018

Super fun, easy to use!