An AI chatbot to make your events and conferences better.

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Chatvity was born out of our frustration with conference and event apps. Organizing an event is already super stressful. Then to add to the stress you have to go through the long and painful process of finding and setting up an iOS and Android app for your attendees. For attendees, they feel the stress as well. They have to click on specific URL or do a painful search to find it in the app store. Then they have to download the app and sign up. 

For event and conference organizers, we're giving them a solution to quickly submit their event info and get a full featured chatbot. The chatbot gives their attendees an easy way to learn about the event, build their schedules, and network with other attendees all within the chatbot. For attendees, the process is greatly simplified. 

All an attendee has to do is click on a link to start the bot in Facebook Messenger, Viber or Telegram. Check out our demo bot. I think you'll laugh when you see the Silicon Valley references.

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