Europes first fashion shopping chatbot

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Our shopping chatbot Emma helps you to find the perfect fashion products - from jackets to sneakers and accessories. Currently available in German and English (products from UK online partner store). Try it - it´s free!

2 Reviews of chatShopper

Antonia Antonia Nov 9, 2016

Off course I love our bot - It´s like our baby :). Thanks Antonin for your review, I wish I could answer directly. The recommendations are based on the popularity of our partner shops, this is something we´ll improve (your behavior, your public available information) but currently we´re working on improving the bot itself and not the products recommended. What we found out about our (very young) users: they don´t want to answer questions, they just want to see products. The first version of Emma (we built over 20!) had questions most users didn´t responded to them and just wrote what they´re looking for. We don´t want to become a stylist (for now), we just want to make it easier to find and discover new fashion items.

Antonin Archer Antonin Archer Nov 6, 2016

Good: Onboarding to make sure the user understands the goal of the product. Emojis. Filter by price. Look for similar products. Bad: Too many emojis! No idea what the recommendations are based upon. The bot doesn’t ask questions, it just gives basic recommendations, the same to everyone. Need for more questions/qualification between the product category and the product offered by the chatbot. Explain why this product would fit me.