The bot, where everyday is caturday - your daily dose of cat photos.

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You are a cat person? Excellent - so are we!

We appointed our two feline friends complaint managers and apparently they are not terribly busy in their role. We know how calming and peaceful it is during an extremely busy day to watch them sleep right by our desks. We also figured it is a huge luxury having them around in our office, a luxury we wanted to share with Cisco Spark users around the globe (and with those being allergic to cats but adoring them!).

Now you can easily order your daily dose of cats by just telling him:

  • "Cats please" or "Kitten alarm" or "Kitty love"
  • Or the cat bot can be added to a room and will post cute pictures there
  • If you want to delete a questionable result, just use '@catbot delete last' to clear it.

We hope you have a few feline working hours and life will be purrrrrfect again!

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