Cash in on the Conversation

  • 4.1K 11 is a monetization platform for chat and voice experiences that leverages the rich context of conversation to make relevant, timely product recommendations which lead directly to sales conversions via mobile & traditional Ecommerce.Ā APIs will connect your users to products they will love and allow you to monetize your chat experiences. Our APIs allow you to request, manage, and improve the product recommendations we give to your users. We also allow you to view and modify your account information, and to query for analytics on how effectively you are monetizing your users. We currently only support direct HTTPS requests. However, language bindings in nodejs, Java, and Go will soon be available.

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BenS BenS Jun 11, 2018

Such a great tool. Helps with monetization & user acquisition.

Ryan Peter Ryan Peter Jul 20, 2017

Cash in on the conversation!

Cashbot Davis Cashbot Davis Jul 20, 2017

Interesting approach, signing up will report back.

BenS BenS Jul 12, 2017

Great documentation, signed up and was contacted within 2 hours, responsive team during the set up & was able to make $ within 24 hours of rolling into production :)