Captain Feedback

Continuous improvement for teams seeking to raise the bar!

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Have you ever been curious about how you did and what you could improve on a recent sales call you led with that important client? On the roadmap discussion you had with engineering? On a recent presentation you did to the marketing group? On the small experiment you launched with the design team? Or on the quality of your code documentation in the new feature you just launched? Or simply some of your work habits that are relevant to your job?

If yes, Captain Feedback can help you and your team by providing an effective communication flow to quickly exchange structured micro-feedback among co-workers. And the best part is that it’s all within Slack!

The difference between good teams and amazing ones often comes down to a handful of factors such as shared accountability, focus on learning, and open communication. Captain Feedback can help your team to hone some of these and grow into an awesome team!

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