An incremental game that works within Discord!

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Cafe had a good run! It ended August 5th at 12:00.

15 Reviews of Cafe

🍭 🍭 Aug 1, 2019

This is such a well-made and fun Discord game. Absolutely love it.

ARegularDoge ARegularDoge Jul 24, 2019

Incredible bot. Kills time and boredom while keeping me always wanting to do more

Geralt Cage Geralt Cage Jul 23, 2019

It's very relaxing and perfect to play when you need to kill some time, as it will just keep going on its own when you're not doing anything. The developer has always been open to critique and has listened to many wishes from the community that has been built around this bot. I would definitely recommend giving it a go :)

Dr. Anime Dr. Anime Jul 18, 2019

Well i found this to be very fun i loved playing it and getting money and it basically letting me waste time on this while i wait for the past 30 minutes for my friend to respond anyways it was a very good bot i always liked it

cry8wolf9 cry8wolf9 Jul 18, 2019

One of the best text based games i've played in a while. Great way to kill some time when you have a few minutes. If you want to join a team join NOZ we ate currently the top team in the cafe game.

Dr. Anime Dr. Anime Jul 17, 2019

I found this bot amazing it worked very well and i never though it was bad 10/10

Andrew Andrew Jul 17, 2019

Cafe is like a new idle game to me. I play mostly idle games on my phone. Its online 24/7 and the dev is a pretty cool guy. Cafe is like the only bot that I know of that's like a mobile game but it's on discord and it's idle based. I've been playing it for like 1 year and can't stop playing it. Try Cafe today, you might like it.

Selina Spanhaak Selina Spanhaak Jul 17, 2019

Awesome bot, works most of the time! He always responds to tickets and stuff, so great creator!

Richard D James Richard D James Jul 16, 2019

fun little bot i've been addicted to for the last almost half year, and fun little community (and well-maintained). when you can't Pokemon Go or otherwise game at work, there's always this nice little chatbot you can play with when you have that Cookie Clicker-like itch to fulfill! fun team-oriented perks, and once in a while nice surprises from the author's Discord, too!

Rasmus Joakim Nilsson Rasmus Joakim Nilsson Jul 16, 2019

Kirb is an amazing content creator and has given enjoyment to over 700k people. He works almost every single day on the bot, while also working on other bots. His morale is outstanding. He takes time to listen to each and every person in his community server, fixes bugs, and interacts with his users in an everyday basis. Always there to help. As for the bot, it has given me countless hours of enjoyment and is a really fun way of passing time while also chatting with friends. I really believe Café is a bot of its kind. A one of a kind kind of bot. Sure, it has its flaws, but nothing is perfect. If you want to pass time quickly, I strongly recommend this bot.

Lil Madi🌺 Lil Madi🌺 Jul 16, 2019

I really really love this bot soooooo much! I love everything about it and I’d love to see it improve! Please keep this bot alive and lively. I use it everyday and it is really addicting. It’s a great chill bot.

M M Jul 16, 2019

It's the bot i use the most on discord because there's always something to do on it, it's very enjoyable! I recommand it to anyone who like cliker games (:

SnipeFrost SnipeFrost Jul 16, 2019

One of the best bots in discord, really good game, kinda prototype of clicker games but in discocrd! Anyone who like this kind of games should try.

Ralph Ralph Jul 16, 2019

Really fun to use when I'm bored, it's nice seeing to have a lot of cash after a while and spending it all to earn more cash soon.

SuperVK SuperVK Jul 16, 2019

Great bot/game, it's very fun to play if you don't have something to do for a few seconds, or take a break from work or something!

Cafe had a good run! It ended August 5th at 12:00.


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