Integrate Zendesk with Slack to create more efficient workflows

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BubbleIQ allows you to create Zendesk tickets in Slack and sync the responses between Zendesk in a Slack thread. Customer support, IT, and HR teams can engage coworkers and customers in the support process to increase agent efficiency. Using BubbleIQ, stakeholders in and out of the customer support team can create, view, and respond to relevant tickets from within Slack.

Once you add the BubbleIQ bot to public or private channels, you can mark any message with a key emoji to immediately transform it into a Zendesk ticket, or use the /support or /help-desk command to create a ticket. You can also post tickets from Zendesk into a Slack channel based on a custom trigger.

Tickets in Slack are synced with Zendesk through a thread in Slack. Messages in the thread automatically create responses to the Zendesk ticket, allowing coworkers or customers to respond in a familiar chat-based environment while keeping everything organized. Tickets can also be quickly assigned, tagged, prioritized, and responded to from Slack.

The end result is a better chat-based experience for coworkers/customers, and more efficient customer support workflows.

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