The world's first artificially intelligent business advsior

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There are over 500 million business owners on the planet. However sadly over 50 million businesses fail each year. That’s why we decided to build BRiN - The World’s First Artificially Intelligent Business Advisor.

BRiN is a smartphone App that is capable of providing personalized education and human-like support to every entrepreneur on the planet, all at the same time. Using a simple and elegant chat interface BRiN is able to pinpoint your business problems and give you solutions and recommendations within micro-seconds.

To access BRiN go to and download today.

2 Reviews of BRiN

Dale Beaumont Dale Beaumont Jun 18, 2016

I just download this app and it is awesome :-)

Dale Beaumont Dale Beaumont Jun 7, 2016

If you're a business owner, this is the best app you can own.