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Get basic online security tips and learn what steps you can take to safeguard your identity after major breaches like Equifax.

BreachBot is a conversational assistant for Facebook Messenger designed for those who aren't sure where to start with safeguarding themselves from the Equifax breach. In addition to walking you through steps you can take to reduce your risks from the breach, you can take a basic security checkup to discover tools that can help better protect yourself online.

BreachBot is now available via SMS! Learn more at https://breachbot.io/#sms or text "Hello" to (202) 851-9904 to get started. 

1 Reviews of BreachBot

John Carnell John Carnell Dec 8, 2017

Excellent idea for a bot, with clear interaction steps, maybe a little heavy on the number of text messages during interaction before getting to meat of the experience. I really like the use of conversational language providing reassurance to the user.