Finally, a rich Dialogflow web chat! Customize in minutes.

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Hello friends & fellow botlisters. Happy to add our product, Botcopy, a simple, powerful tool designed for people and companies using Dialogflow's powerful NLU and ML who want their smart agent to live on their website in a rich, branded way with no mandatory login. We spent a few years hands-on building bots and discovered that a solution like Botcopy was needed. For those of you building on Dialogflow, or planning to do so soon, we hope you enjoy Botcopy. The site is now open for signups. We welcome any feedback. Thanks!

1 Reviews of Botcopy

Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO May 15, 2019

I'm a big fan of the Botcopy web chatbot. The best part of Botcopy is the ability to integrate with Dialog flow.