Bot Concern GRK Olga

I will be your guide on GRK "Olga". In Sheregesh.

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Comfortable and cozy rooms, hospitable staff, delicious dishes of restaurants and, of course, unforgettable ski slopes...

Sheregesh's list of pleasures is very long. And all this does not need to be searched for long — the sorceress of Siberia "Olga" will fulfill all your desires.

Relax and throw off the burden of fussy worries. Visiting "Olga", you will find yourself in the land of mild climate and unforgettable landscapes!

But the taiga forests, majestic mountains and invigorating air are especially good when after enjoying them you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the magnificent apartments of our complex.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the indoor skating rink, Billiards room, tennis and many ski slopes on mount Green.

And after a day of sport will be able to experience the bliss in the real Russian bath, the Finnish sauna and the pool. Professional massage will relieve fatigue from your body, charging it with vigor and energy.

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