Bluto Bulldog Bot

Virtual Bulldog in your pocket

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Woof... woof... I'm Bluto, a Bulldog. I love acting. That's why my Trainer created few Games and Stickers for you to join me! Besides, you will receive some of the Tips regarding Bulldog. And also, if you like Bulldog, I have some nice merchandisers for you to engage with. Start to chat with me now!

2 Reviews of Bluto Bulldog Bot

Vincent Vincent Jul 18, 2017

Woof....I'm Bluto, on behalf of the Trainer, would like to appreciate your feedback. Besides, I hope that anyone who either accidentally or curiously dropped into my Messenger Bot, are able to stay with me and provide me your precious feedback for me to improve further.

Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO Jul 13, 2017

We really need to get images in reviews because I just want to post pictures of my bulldog. :) Maybe I'm biased because I own a bulldog, but I really love this bot! I think it was cleverly put together and can't wait to see where it goes.