Remember your Azkar

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Azkarbot makes you remember morning Azkar and evening Azkar, also it provides with sujood service which gives you the right pray base on your feelings.

11 Reviews of Azkarbot

Rania Hindam Rania Hindam Jul 19, 2018

I feel I have a comfortable friend

Farah Dabbous Farah Dabbous Jul 19, 2018

Perfect !! I love it .

Jasmine Banimoustafa Jasmine Banimoustafa Jul 19, 2018

I'm just in love with it . It keeps sending helpful things

Osama Al-Agha Osama Al-Agha Jul 19, 2018

I really love it. Very helpful and lite.

Môhàmêd Kãmäl Tâhå Môhàmêd Kãmäl Tâhå Apr 23, 2018

Best of the best Keep the good work

Seen Mobarak Seen Mobarak Feb 14, 2018

Best bot in the universe

Ahmed Bahaa Ahmed Bahaa Nov 9, 2016

What a great chatbot!

ahmed ahmed Nov 2, 2016

اليك يا الهى اشكو ضعفى وذلى وهوانى