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AI-POWERED ASTROBOTSlack integration: Read, snooze, archive, delete, reply, and send emails without going back to your email inbox Voice commands: Manage your inbox hands-free by talking to Astrobot directly from the Astro app or on your Amazon Alexa device.Inbox Zap: Astrobot organizes your inbox with simple, natural language conversation—it’s the fastest way to inbox zero.Unsubscribe, Folder & Archive suggestions: Astro learns how you manage emails, and makes suggestions about messages that can skip your inbox.
VIPs: Contact list recommendations powered by AI, so you always know when a high-priority email arrives.Important Email Reminders: Astrobot automatically reminds you to follow-up on important emails.Question detection: Questions from your emails are highlighted in Astrobot, so nothing important gets lost.
Personal Reminders: Set reminders and to-dos for a specific time quickly using natural language.Introductions & contact information: See LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and company info for any email address, and get introductions to new contacts from your teammates.

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Andy Pflaum Andy Pflaum Jun 29, 2017

We've brought Astrobot to Slack and Amazon Alexa, to help you manage important emails when using those platforms. Astrobot is also available in our intelligent email apps for iOS, Android and Mac. We hope you enjoy it and share your feedback with us.