Capture leads and answer FAQs from your website 24/7.

  • 1.0K 3 is a simple, yet powerful way to capture leads from your website. And it's Free! It features:
✅ Capture Leads, Schedule Appointments and Take Payments Directly in ArtiBot
✅ Integration with Google Calendar for appointments
✅ Integration with Stripe for Payments
✅ Present multiple choice questions
✅ Branch based on user answers
✅ Collect any field type, such as:       
    • Names     
    • Emails     
    • Phone #s     
    • Amounts     
    • Dates
✅ Supports MarkDown for powerful presentation Options
✅ Super easy to setup a bot
✅ Built in templates for:     
    • Real Estate     
    • Catering     
    • Photography     
    • DJs     
    • Law Firms     
    • Insurance agents     
    • 30+ Others...

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Kyle Bollinger ✍ Kyle Bollinger ✍ Sep 11, 2018

ArtiBot is the only way to get free 24/7 leads send to your email or phone. It's easy to start with dozens of templates.