Application Bot

Ever wanted to have application forms on your server? You can now with Application Bot!

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What is Application Bot? Application Bot allows you to let your server members apply for things on your server. Some examples of how it could be used include: applying to be a higher role, applying to have a bot added, requesting to change things within the server, etc... So... How does it work? Well, first the server adminstrator is asked to set up their custom questions. Then, users can answer the questions by typing '%submit'. Once users have answerd the questions, the messages clear and the server administrator(s) can view the application log that stores each members answers. Server admininstrators can then clear the submission log when they decide they want to. Still wondering if this bot is for you? 

Then please message Sean Hatch (bot creator) on the Application Bot help server: Application Bot credits: Created by: Sean Hatch With thanks to: Jude Southworth Framework: Hosting Provider: OVH

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