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  • Alterra Answer Bot Media Gallery
  • Alterra Answer Bot Media Gallery
  • Alterra Answer Bot Media Gallery is a platform for building AI-powered bots that can intelligently answer questions about your company and products, greet website visitors, and support existing customers. Benefits: (1) Provide 24/7 sales and support service. (2) Improve customer satisfaction with faster service. (3) Reduce support costs. (4) Engage more leads - increase sales. Alterra makes it easy for non-technical people to use AI for sales, customer support, and internal comms automation. Setup doesn’t require coding skills or manually adding questions and answers. You just need to upload your FAQ file to Alterra and the system will convert it to a friendly QnA bot. Alterra Answer Bots work with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Drift, Telegram, Zendesk, email, and as a stand-alone product.

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