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How do you alert a vehicle owner (of something like flat tire or valuables left in the vehicle) if you don't know their contacts? This is where AlertyBot comes into picture!
Subscribe to alerts for your vehicle number with AlertyBot on FaceBook and get alerts. It's super simple! Isn't it!!
We got this idea when we were walking in our apartment parking and noticed that a person left his mobile in the car. We wanted to alert the person, but couldn't find a way (without of course spamming our apartments WhatsApp group). This is when the idea of AlertyBot came in.
The bets part is, it's 100% spam free. The user can only alert of pre-defined conditions (like a flat tire, windows open, doors not closed..etc). Let's make this world a better place, one alert at a time!  Watch a demo here.

2 Reviews of AlertyBot

Sunil Kumar SV Sunil Kumar SV Dec 16, 2016

Hi Shane, yes, it's a chicken & egg problem. With the help of helping hands like yours, we could get this adopted widely. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! :) -Sunil

Shane Shane Dec 13, 2016

Love the concept. This thing could take off once widespread adoption takes place. Chicken and the egg type of friction. Good luck!