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Alertsy is an automated news and media monitoring alert chatbot, created by Intellogo, running on Slack. It was designed to return targeted limited results — not pages and pages of results you then have to spend hours sifting through. 
Alertsy finds content that is most relevant, not SEO paid rankings, or relying on keywords. Alertsy scans hundreds of quality news sources and you can use its machine learning to teach it specific kinds of news you're interested in. Find an article you love and create your very own custom alerts. Advanced settings dial up Alertsy’s subject tracking, change the standpoint, or adjust reading level and time to read. 
Additional features:   Use your time wisely: Alertsy summarizes incoming articles, gives reading times and you can opt to read later. Gain knowledge efficiently: “What is, Who is” compliments your news monitoring searches and custom alerts.   Alertsy is free and offers paid subscriptions if you need more alerts. Hungry for more? Get started now and let Alertsy feed you only the best news. Try Alertsy out today and see how much more productive it is to have a smart news gathering bot on your Slack team!

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Neil Balthasee Neil Balthasee Nov 30, 2016

We developed Alertsy because we wanted news to adapt to how we do things today. We use Slack every day and Alertsy brings the news we're most interested directly to the team. Because its fully integrated to Slack, we get all the benefits of Slack's transparency and collaboration. Team members use Slack's share function when they find an article of interest. Discussions around articles take place right in Slack. Check out this video to give you a better idea of how Alertsy works in Slack.