Develop and host chatbots for multiple chat platforms

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Alana is an integrated environment for developing and hosting chatbots for multiple chat platforms. We are an open-source next-gen JS framework for building chatbots. It's intent and script based with lots of intents built in based on our experience building bots for Fortune 100 companies. is a platform built around alana that makes writing and hosting alana bots. You'll always be able to migrate back-and-forth, there's no lock in here. We love our online IDE. With integrated code completion, documentation pane, first-class testing, testing and logging built in to! Even better we love to host bots! Our cloud infrastructure is built to host bots that respond almost instantly (we're clocking 100-200ms at our 95th percentile, with 500ms for 99th percentile).

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Bilal Iqbal Bilal Iqbal Apr 11, 2017

nice bot loved it