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Ainstein  tracks your progress and preferences and helps you learn more efficiently from the best eLearning platforms out there, such as; Treehouse, Egghead, Frontendmasters, Khanacademy etc. Best of all — the more you learn, the smarter he gets

Ainstein  helps you to build a habit of getting shit done

It's just a beginning and we are working very hard. Soon Ainstein  will have the following features: 

Daily Q&As on a topic of your interest, so you can prove yourself that you are doing well with the particular subject. 

Daily Tips&Tricks on a topic of your interest.

4 Reviews of Ainstein

Pascal Zaugg Pascal Zaugg Oct 14, 2018

Seems not to work anymore. Started it multiple times but ainstein never reacted to my queries and questions.

Yulian Ustiyanovych Yulian Ustiyanovych Dec 13, 2016

Thx Seth for review, it is very nice feedback and it's on our todo list

Seth Louey Seth Louey PRO Dec 13, 2016

I really enjoyed Ainstein, but I think that there should be categories when you are trying to pick what to learn. So instead of quick replies, maybe try containing the lessons in a category. i.e. "Tell me what would you like to learn... Javascript, PHP, etc" then drill down into the types of code language. Excited to see more course and can't wait to start learning