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Say Hello to GrowthBot, the chatbot for marketing and sales.

GrowthBot gives you useful information in a fast, friendly chat interface. It's built for marketing, sales and others working on driving growth for companies.

Saying Hello

Getting started is easy-breezy and takes 2 seconds. No download or signup required. Just click the link below to send a quick "hello" message to GrowthBot.


  • Dharmesh Shah PRO | Aug 6, 2016

    The most features of any marketing bot.

  • Seth Louey PRO | Aug 1, 2017

    We've been using GrowthBot in our BotList Slack channels. I personally really like the daily tips and connecting our Google Analytics, so the entire team can see our progress.

  • Frederick | Aug 9, 2017

    Not a fan.

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