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For sales teams who use Salesforce, Slack, and Google Apps, Troops is a Slackbot that makes it easy to use CRM data to do your job. Unlike trudging through Salesforce directly, Troops lets you instantly push and pull CRM data in and out of Slack, making it the sales hub for both you and your team.



  • Eric | May 5, 2016

    Troops makes using Salesforce as easy and fun as using Slack. Two huge ways it has added value to me already. 1) Never miss the follow-up again, Troops will tell you if you're letting deals slip through the cracks 2) Days since last contact without having to run a report after 25 clicks. Know who hasn't heard from you in a while with one slack command. Extremely excited about what else is to come. The answer is yes, finding your prospect's phone number should be as easy as typing a line in Slack.

  • Dan Reich | May 12, 2016

    Incredibly biased here because we're building Troops, but as someone that has had to use Salesforce before, and has worked at Salesforce, this is the best way to do Slack.

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