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Second International Chatbot Summit on June 26th

— May, 11th 2017

On June 26th, in Berlin, we are excited to share that Chatbot Summit will have their second international Chatbot conference.

Talking with Chatbots for a Year

BotPublication — Apr, 15th 2017

BotList started out as an idea to become the one place where people could find conversational assistants across multiple messaging platforms.

Chatbot NearGroup brings Online Dating to Facebook Messenger

GoMainstrm — Mar, 22nd 2017

NearGroup is a fresh approach to online dating, where conversations (not photos) lead the way. It’s a speed-dating chatbot built right into the Facebook Messenger platform.

Mr. Grey Will Chat with You Now

GoMainstrm — Mar, 22nd 2017

What do you get when you have a highly irresistible fictional character at your fingertips 24/7? About 5 Million messages in six days!

Microsoft has a new AI chatbot and it doesn't want to talk about Tay

Mashable — Dec, 13th 2016

Microsoft is experimenting with a new, tamer chatbot.

Months after the company's first chatbot Tay went viral for all the wrong reasons, Microsoft quietly rolled out a new bot that looks to be far less controversial than its predecessor.

10 Bot Building platforms and why you need to build a bot for your business

BotPublication — Nov, 27th 2016

We had a chance to talk to 10 bot building platforms and here are the reviews to help you make your choice.

How Bots Will Completely Kill Websites and Mobile Apps

Chatbots Magazine — Nov, 03rd 2016

Not only do I believe that bots will dethrone websites and mobile apps, I actually believe that bots may replace websites and mobile apps altogether.