Chatbot NearGroup brings Online Dating to Facebook Messenger

GoMainstrm — Mar, 22nd 2017

NearGroup is a fresh approach to online dating, where conversations (not photos) lead the way. It’s a speed-dating chatbot built right into the Facebook Messenger platform.

Mr. Grey Will Chat with You Now

GoMainstrm — Mar, 22nd 2017

What do you get when you have a highly irresistible fictional character at your fingertips 24/7? About 5 Million messages in six days!

Microsoft has a new AI chatbot and it doesn't want to talk about Tay

Mashable — Dec, 13th 2016

Microsoft is experimenting with a new, tamer chatbot.

Months after the company's first chatbot Tay went viral for all the wrong reasons, Microsoft quietly rolled out a new bot that looks to be far less controversial than its predecessor.

10 Bot Building platforms and why you need to build a bot for your business

BotPublication — Nov, 27th 2016

We had a chance to talk to 10 bot building platforms and here are the reviews to help you make your choice.

How Bots Will Completely Kill Websites and Mobile Apps

Chatbots Magazine — Nov, 03rd 2016

Not only do I believe that bots will dethrone websites and mobile apps, I actually believe that bots may replace websites and mobile apps altogether.

The tools every bot creator must know

Chatbots Magazine — Oct, 25th 2016

A short list of bot developing tools, ranging from NLP solutions to bot builders, analytics and more, which are available and can serve you.

Popular Use Cases for Chatbots

Chatbots Magazine — Oct, 22nd 2016

Ideal use cases for bots, and when they can match or exceed equivalent app or web experiences.

How to build a beautiful chatbot when all you have is text

VentureBeat — Oct, 15th 2016

Many of the guidelines for designing compelling visual interfaces can still help you create engaging chat user experiences — we simply need to tweak the practice to better suit the new medium.

How Bots, Messaging & AI Are Evolving

Chatbots Magazine — Oct, 12th 2016

What 7 insider experts like Chris Messina, Shane Mac, Esther Crawford, Matt Schlicht & more think about the future of bots, messaging & AI.

10 simple tips on bot strategy and design

Chatbot Magazine — Sep, 19th 2016

At our recent bots, ai & messaging meetup we talked through our thoughts on simplifying the bot strategy and design process — from objectives to conversation trees and beyond.