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Jul 20, 2018

Cool Bot you have, is there a way when a person is banned to get it to (also) say "?banuser @username" <-- what this will do is trigger a personal bot I have set up, which what my bot does when that command is said in chat, this will strip all roles of that person then gives them the Banned role and send them to the banned users channel (Also it purges 1000 comments on all channels)! Both my Rules, and Banned Users, are read only and are the only channels that can be seen when such a command was executed! I have turned off the Ban, part of the bot in my server! If you can make that command an addon that be greatly appreciated, also you can have the command delete itself from the page so it keeps chat clean and nobody knows what the hell happened type thingy! The reason why I take this approach in banning people is because it may be a misunderstanding and by reaching out to the Owners and Moderators, this can help clear up any confusion, because the way Discord is setup is once your banned from a server, if you have no previous chat with anyone in that server then getting ahold of someone is next to impossible as not everyone is in more than 1 server on Discord or if you know a bot that can take instructions from this Bot here and say the command itself let me know please :)