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John Carnell

Consulting Futurist - Like Sherlock Holmes only cooler...

Made bots by John Carnell

Harrogate Guide Chatbot

Harrogate Guide

Local recommendations and facts

Amazon Echo Platform

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Harrogate Informer Chatbot

Harrogate Informer

Local News from a Local Perspectives

Amazon Echo Platform

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StitchMeGifts Chatbot


Cross Stitch Patterns

Messenger Platform

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Harrogate Bot Chatbot

Harrogate Bot

Providing location information as well as local facts directly to FB messenger users.

Messenger Platform

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Guitar Life Featuring Ernie Bot Chatbot

Guitar Life Featuring Ernie Bot

Check out the Guitar Life Facebook bot featuring Ernie

Messenger Platform

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Connect ESP, A.I, SMS and Images to your Chat bot in minutes

Messenger Platform Amazon Echo Platform

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White Noise Studio Chatbot

White Noise Studio

Connect to the studio at White Noise

Amazon Echo Platform

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