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Attraction Marketing

Learn how to use internet marketing to recruit reps and generate sales online.


Feel better every day with the power of positive psychology

Learn English Bot

Best way to Learning English and easily

Cost Plus World Market

Ecommerce Store Finder and Giuded Product Search

Salmo Tribe

Are you a trout junkie?

SEB - the Social Enterprises Bot

Discover and connect with social enterprises in the UK

Bot Makers

Ben Tossell

Serial maker of things

Edmund Cinco

Full Stack/Bot Developer

Kiran Krishnan

Co-Founder - Onchatbot builds NLP driven chatbots for businesses.

Victoria Fast

Bot maker. CEO and Co-Founder at Leadza (AI marketing assistant).

Vincent Greenfield

Bot Maker, Full Stack Developer, Designer, and Music Enthusiast.

Agata Dooreck

Bot CX & Development at

Ben Brown

Creator of Botkit, founder of

James Calhoun


Dharmesh Shah

Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot, inbound marketing and sales SaaS